What Are your goals?

As a coach, it’s my job to help you figure out what you’d like to achieve and then help you get there.  It’s common to have a vague goal in mind, such as ‘losing weight’ or ‘getting in better shape’, but these aren’t specific goals.  It’s my job to help you set specific goals and put the most effective plan in place to help you reach them.

What type of food will i eat?

The food you eat will depend on two things…what you like to eat and of those foods, which ones will benefit you.  There are no fad diets, just plans that are tailored to the individual.

Can I have a social life?

Of course!  Maintaining a social life is a crucial part of sustainability.  You should never cut yourself off from friends or family, this is your support network.  If you have a social event to attend, all I need is communication so I can make adjustments in advance, or honesty if you fall off track one day.  This is also why I include regular ‘meals of choice’ in your plan, so you can enjoy a nice meal without feeling guilty.

What do the plans include?

All plans, with the exception of one off plans, include twice weekly check-ins, weekly adjustments to your plan, round the clock support via Whatsapp and exercise guidance.  You also have access to my personal trainer platform, offering MyFitnessPal connectivity and a wide range of exercise videos.

How much are the plans?

One off plan – $150USD

4 Weeks – $200USD

8 Weeks – $350USD

12 Weeks – $450USD

Depending on your goal, there may be a plan that will suit you best.  If you’d like help in figuring out which plan is right for you, fill in this brief questionnaire here and I’ll be in touch.

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